At Sutton Automation one of our real specialities is the star light ceiling. This is where tiny fibre optics are run through the ceiling to provide a beautiful twinkle effect. This subtle background lighting is incredibly effective in children's bedrooms, bathrooms and home cinemas.

External lighting not only adds to the external aesthetics of your property but also increases security in a subtle way. Rather than large flood lights coming on for every leaf blowing past, why not have break beam sensors on a driveway so that just the drive way lights turn on when a vehicle approaches, again this is a lovely welcome home feature so you aren't returning to a dark home.

As we use our home through out the day our need for different types of light changes. 

In the morning we need the lighting to be gentle but functional to let us get up and about, whereas if we are working at home we need much more light to be safe and functional. 

With intelligent lighting instead of having banks of switches a simple wall plate with pre-programmed scenes can easily switch from morning to work to party mode depending on what you need.

Using dimmers not only extends the life of the lamps but also uses less electricity, saving you money.