When designing and building a new home it is the perfect time to make sure it is ready for whatever you want from it in the future. 

Even if budgets are stretched at the beginning, by putting in the correct infrastructure it is easy to add and improve in future years. 

By having Sutton Automation install an Audio System or a robust wireless network, your house can be a much better home.


If you are about to embark on a remodel of your home then get in touch. 

A single room can go from being just nice to really extraordinary with the installation of the right equipment such as designed lighting and in ceiling speakers. 

When designing the whole home, the sky is the limit as you can really make your house into a home that works how you want it to.

New Build

Whether it's installing a new flat screen TV to the wall or having the ability to listen to music all over the house and outside, Sutton Automation can help.

We specialise in providing the best service possible to really fulfill whatever you want your home to be.